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Obtaining modpack permissions
Obtaining modpack permissions

How can I determine if a given mod/project can be used in my modpack?

Written by Jai Agrawal
Updated over a week ago

Modrinth modpacks can be a fantastic way to share your curated experiences with the world. However, before publicly publishing your modpack for others to download, it's crucial to ensure that you have the appropriate permissions to include specific mods, resource packs, data packs, and shaders in your pack. This guide outlines a checklist to help you determine whether you can use a given project in your Modrinth modpack.

Remember that you, as a modpack author on Modrinth, are required to run through this process for any content in your modpack that you do not create yourself. Failing to do so can lead to legal issues and potential takedowns of your modpack. Modrinth's moderators perform a preliminary check against a database of blacklisted projects, but ultimately it is your responsibility as a modpack creator to ensure you have the proper permissions and rights for the projects you include.

Step 1. Check Modrinth

Is the specific file you wish to include hosted on Modrinth?

If yes, you can use it in your modpack. ✅

  • Why? When uploading content to Modrinth, authors grant Modrinth the right to allow Modrinth users to use that file in Modrinth modpacks.

  • Anything to keep in mind? If the project itself is hosted on Modrinth, but the file you specifically wish to include is not on Modrinth, continue through the rest of the checklist. Modrinth is only able to obtain permission for files that are specifically uploaded to the site. If a project exists on Modrinth, but it is not updated, consider contacting the author to get those files uploaded to Modrinth.

Step 2. Open Source Licensing

Was the project published under an open-source license that allows redistribution?

If yes, you can use it in your modpack. ✅

  • Why? The license explicitly allows redistribution.

  • Anything to keep in mind? Authors have the ability to relicense their content. However, most open-source licenses are irrevocable. If something was once published as open source, it will remain open source. Only future versions can be relicensed and published under different licenses.

Step 3. Project Description Statements

Does the description of the project state that you can use it in a Modrinth modpack?

If yes, you can use it in your modpack. ✅

  • Why? This statement counts as the author's permission.

  • Anything to keep in mind? Some permissions are fairly ambiguous or may contain additional requirements. For example, it is very common for projects to allow redistribution, but only under the condition that you provide a link to its original source.

Step 4. Author Permission

Have you asked the author whether you can use the mod in your Modrinth pack?

If they say yes, send a screenshot of the author's response to the "Moderation" tab of your modpack project, then you can use it in your modpack. ✅

  • Why? The author grants you explicit permission to use the mod.

  • Anything to keep in mind? This permission may not be legally binding unless you have done the necessary legal paperwork, which is unlikely. At any point, the mod author can revoke the permission and request a takedown.

Step 5. Conclusion

If, after this entire process, you cannot obtain any of these permissions, you cannot use the mod in your Modrinth modpack. ❌

  • Why? The author's wishes and any licensing agreements always take priority when it comes to including content in a modpack.

  • Anything to keep in mind? If you continue anyway even without permission, you may be subject to several issues, such as takedown of your modpack or removal of your account from Modrinth.

Note: This guide serves as a general reference and should not be considered legal advice. Always consult with legal professionals for specific concerns.

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