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Modpacks on Modrinth
Modpacks on Modrinth

What is a modpack?

Written by Jai Agrawal
Updated over a week ago

A modpack is a list of mods bundled with additional files, such as configuration files. In general, it's a modded instance of a game ready to play.

You can create and play Modrinth modpacks using the Modrinth App:

  • To play a Modrinth modpack using the app, click the "Browse" button on the left side of the launcher. Then, simply click "Install" on the modpacks you want to play, and wait for them to be installed.

  • To create a Modrinth modpack using the app, go to the Mods tab of an instance and click "Export modpack" near the top right. If this option is not available, you may first need to unpair the instance in the instance settings.

Screenshot of the Modrinth App

While the Modrinth App is the preferred solution, you can also play and create modpacks using unofficial third-party tools.

If you are a developer interested in implementing the Modrinth modpack format in your tool, please refer to the modpack format definition.

Are you ready to share your modpack with the world? Before doing so, please remember to read over the permissions page.

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