Minecraft sign in issues

Why can't I sign in to my Minecraft account?

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✨ This article applies to the latest versions of Modrinth App (0.7.0 and above).

Modrinth App 0.7.0 has completely overhauled the authorization system to match that of the official Minecraft Launcher. This makes the process of signing in to Minecraft in Modrinth App much more reliable and accessible.

Signing in to your Minecraft account is a complex task for the launchers, and there are many things that can go wrong. When things go wrong, Modrinth App will let you know by showing the “Unable to sign in to Minecraft” error window. That window contains a generally helpful suggestion to check your account, as well as debugging information that should help you and our support agents to pinpoint the exact sign in issue that you are experiencing 📍

Screenshot showing the “Unable to sign in to Minecraft” error window. It's edited to highlight the debugging information spoiler.

Modrinth App performs authorization in steps, and this article will list common issues for each step. For transparency, we'll try to give a general explanation of what the step does, and then describe each common issue for that step.

If you are a developer and would like to review the process, Modrinth App is completely open source, and the code related to the authorization process is publicly viewable.

General issues

Signing in to Modrinth instead of Minecraft

To add your Minecraft accounts, use the “Steve button” in the upper left corner of the window. The sign in option in Settings is for your Modrinth account, which will allow you to follow and report projects in the future without leaving the app. We know this is confusing, and this is something we definitely plan on fixing in a future update.

Unstable network connection

When you have an unstable network connection, you may experience error sending request for url (<url>) errors. This means that Modrinth App tried to send a request to a specific URL, but the request didn't go through due to a network problem.

Please try again or check your internet connection. If the problem persists, make sure that your third-party antivirus software, firewall and hosts file allow for the connection to go through. Using a service like Cloudflare Warp can sometimes help as well.

Signing in with the wrong account

Some steps may fail if you are signing with the wrong account. In the future we'll improve this aspect so you can know which account you are signing in with.

For now, to verify that you are signing in with the correct account, visit your profile on the Xbox website. Your gamertag and icon should match those in the official Minecraft Launcher.

Screenshot showing gamertag and icon match those in Minecraft Launcher.

If they do match, click on your account in the top right corner to see the email you should be using to sign in.

Screenshot showing the email in the menu shown upon clicking on the account name in the heading.

Issues for individual steps

Step 1 — GetDeviceToken

The first step of the authorization process is to authenticate your device with Xbox. During this step, Modrinth App generates and stores a key for your device. This key is used to sign all requests to Xbox.

The app then contacts Xbox services with the public version of this key in order to create the device token. This token is required to make further requests to Xbox services.

We are currently not aware of any issues specific to this step.

Step 2 — SisuAuthenticate

In the second step of the authorization process, Modrinth App contacts Xbox services to initiate the authentication session. If successful, Xbox services will provide Modrinth App with the address of the sign-in page, which the app will open in a separate browser view.

Password is not accepted

Modrinth has no control over the sign-in page and does not interact with it in any way other than waiting for the sign-in process to complete or be canceled. This page is provided by Microsoft, so it's not possible for “Modrinth to not accept your password”. If you're getting an invalid credentials error, it probably means that your credentials are indeed invalid.

Incorrect device time

If you are experiencing the error related to deserialization failure of JSON due to EOF at line 1, column 0, this is likely a cause of the rejected authentication request. This error means that the Xbox responded with nothing when the app expected a specific response.

This error is caused by the time on your device being out of sync. Time is relevant here because, as mentioned above, all requests to Xbox services are signed with your device key, and the signature must include the current time.

In the future, Modrinth App will automatically correct the time based on the network time, but in the meantime, you can start living in the now by automatically syncing your clocks.


  1. Toggle Set time zone automatically on.

  2. Toggle Set time automatically on.

  3. Click Sync now under Additional settings.


Please seek instructions for your distribution of choice.

Step 3 — GetOAuthToken

In this step, Modrinth App contacts Microsoft services in order to retrieve the authentication token after you've signed in using the form in the browser window.

We are currently not aware of any issues specific to this step.

Step 4 — SisuAuthorize

In this step, Modrinth App contacts Xbox services in order to authorize access to your Xbox account using the token provided in the previous step.

We are currently not aware of any issues specific to this step.

Step 5 — XstsAuthorize

In this step, Modrinth App contacts Xbox services to request access to Minecraft services.

🚧 Missing information

We're missing information about the errors during this step. If you experience errors during this step, please try to download and install the latest nightly build, and share your debug information which includes the status code and response body with us via the support chat. Start your chat by telling the bot to connect you to a support agent first, and then mention that you want to help us improve the information in this article. Below are possible explanations for the error.

If you are receiving a deserialization error related to the missing IssueInstant field, it may be due to one of the following reasons.

Incorrect Microsoft account

You might be signing in with the wrong account that doesn't have an Xbox account associated with it. See the above section about the wrong accounts to make sure that you are signing in with the correct account.

Your account is not in a family group

In countries like South Korea, your account must be considered an adult in order to play Minecraft. If you are a minor, your account will need to be added to a family group, in which case the regional playtime restrictions may apply. You can learn more about this in the Minecraft's support article.

If you don't have this restriction in Minecraft Launcher, you shouldn't have it in Modrinth App.

Step 6 — MinecraftToken

In this step, Modrinth App contacts Minecraft services in order to sign in to your Minecraft account.

🚧 Missing information

Like with the previous step, we're currently missing information about the errors in this step. If you are experiencing issues with this step, we would appreciate it if you could share debugging information with us using the instructions above.

Too many attempts at signing in

If you're getting a deserialization error due to a missing access_token field, it may be because you've tried to sign in too many times in a short period of time.

Step 7 — MinecraftEntitlements

This is one of the final steps. During this step, Modrinth App contacts the Minecraft services to verify ownership of the game.

In reality, due to the unreliability of this API when it comes to playing Minecraft with PC Game Pass, Modrinth App only expects a specific response and does not actively verify the entitlements.

We are currently not aware of any issues specific to this step.

Step 8 — MinecraftProfile

The final step. In this step, Modrinth App contacts the Minecraft services in order to retrieve your Minecraft profile.

If you receive a deserialization error in this step due to a missing name field, it could be for one of the following reasons.

Wrong Xbox account

The Xbox account that you signed in with does not have a Minecraft license and is not subscribed to PC Game Pass. See the above section about the wrong accounts for more information on how to verify that you are signing in with the correct account.

Minecraft profile is not yet set up

If you just purchased the game or subscribed to PC Game Pass, you will need to launch the game at least once using the official Minecraft Launcher in order to set up your Minecraft profile.

Other issues

If none of the suggestions here apply to you, or you have tried everything and nothing worked so far, please contact us using the green chat button at the bottom left of the page. Ask our bot Perseus to connect you to a support agent. We'll be happy to help! 🙌

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