Error updating a modpack

Why do I see the message “Error fetching project” when I try to update a modpack?

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Normally, when you click on the version in the “Change modpack version” window, Modrinth App should take you to the version page where you can read the changelog or see the dependencies in that version, as well as other relevant information. However, due to a bug, it currently takes you to a non-existent page, resulting in an “Error fetching project” message.

We are aware of this issue and will fix it in one of the next updates to Modrinth App. For now, to work around this bug, you can click on the green button, which will initiate the installation of the version without opening its page.

Screenshot showing the “Change modpack version”. It's edited to highlight the change version button as green, and the rest of the row as red (indicating that it should not be clicked).
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